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We are documentary filmmakers. We create non-fiction films and TV documentaries
and produce video for others to tell, promote and provoke.

Constructing Albert

Produced by Televisió de Catalunya and Alexandra Film
Directed by Laura Collado and Jim Loomis
World premiere: San Sebastian International Film Festival 2017
Selected in: Nappa Valley Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, SXSW, HotDocs, BAFICI

The most important revolution in culinary history took place in a remote cove on the Catalan coast. The Big Bang of creative discovery that was elBulli sparked from the minds of two brothers from a poor suburb of Barcelona, and gave birth to a new gastronomic universe. Since then the name Adrià has become synonymous of creativity.

Ferran is the famous maestro people know, however, with 29 years of a brilliant career behind him, the only recognition Albert has achieved is that of being the most underrated chef in the world.

Two years after elBulli closed its doors, Albert is in the midst of a herculean creative adventure. In Parallel, Barcelona’s crumbling theatre district, Albert is building a gastronomic mile.

Each very different from the other, they all bear his personal signature. This is Albert’s proclamation of self-assurance, his attempt to escape the shadow of his famous brother and enter the Pantheon of great chefs. This is Albert constructing himself.

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Ideas powered

Series of 28 videos for the website ‘Ideas Powered’
Produced for the European Union Intellectual Property Office
Directed by Laura Collado Bossi & Jim Loomis

‘Ideas do not exist only in our heads, they always surround us’.

Ideas Powered is an initiative of the European Union Intellectual Property Office to raise awareness of intellectual property and the importance of respecting it amongst the youth of Europe.

As part of this campaign we produced a series of videos with artists, musicians, creators, inventors and entrepreneurs from each of the 28 European states.

We discover the tribulations of the music industry in Romania, Malta, Poland, Luxemburg, Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia; the principles of entrepreneurship in Holland, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Ireland and Czech Republic; the adventures of authors and storytellers in Sweden, Bulgaria, France and Belgium; the value of design, investigation and unique ideas in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Finland; creators and distributors of cinema in Estonia and Lithuania, and thinkers and influencers in Portugal and Denmark. To talk to so many unique people and travel to the four corners of Europe has been a valuable experience, which has inspired us with ever more confidence that there is so much more that brings us together than separates us.

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Fishing Europe

Series of two short documentaries
Produced for the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs & Fisheries of the European Union
Directed by Laura Collado & Jim Loomis
DG MARE is the department of the European Union charged with the coordination and promotion of all aspects of Europe’s seas and oceans, and of all the activities related to this environment the first one that comes to mind is fishing.

DG MARE is the department of the European Union charged with the coordination and promotion of all aspects of Europe’s seas and oceans, and of all the activities related to this environment the first one that comes to mind is fishing. The European Fishing Funds were created to improve competitiveness and aid the sector to be more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The videos we created focus on two fishing projects that have benefited from these European Funds, and in doing so we got to know two extremes of the continent: Kuusamo, on the Lapland frontier of Northern Finland and Huelva, in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

In documenting the Finish project Kitkan Viisas ( we faced the challenge of a night shoot on a frozen lake at –18ºC. We also had the opportunity to sample Finish hospitality, the sauna and the surprisingly delicious gastronomy (especially the reindeer stew!) A little closer to home in Punta Umbría we discovered the efforts behind the Salinas del Astur project for creating aquaculture more ecologic and linked to the local environment.

Citywire, finance in images

Corporate & Event Video
Produced for Citywire
Directe by Jim Loomis
Trueday Films has collaborated with Citywire ( www. since the publisher, specialising in informing and connecting the financial world, began producing video more than 10 years ago. Since then we have produced, with Citywire and their clients, a broad range of editorial, promotional, corporate and event videos.

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The Art of being

Work in progress
Directed by Jim Loomis
Christian Junghanns is a man with a mission – to stand out from the crowd whilst rejecting the bohemian stereotype of the artist that so many of us hold. A husband, a father, a middleclass professional & the self-styled creator of NeoPop, he faces down the world both on canvas & in life with humour & sincerity, constantly wrestling with the fires of creative inspiration & the demands of family. The Art of Being takes us on that journey with Christian to discover what it takes to be a successful artist in a culture of mass produced commercial imagery.

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And the Girls Grew

Documentary (60’)
Produced for la Fundación Boscana
Directed by Laura Collado
65 years ago in Spain people with Downs Syndrome were called subnormal or mongoloids. The intellectually incapacitated were hidden from the public and nobody spoke of the issue, in a deeply catholic and Franquist society it was even said that to have an incapacitated person in the family could only mean that they had sinned. These families had practically no information on how to support and educate their children and no one to go to for help. 65 years ago the history of Raventós, a well placed family of the Catalan bourgeoisie, took a new turn with the birth of Begoña, a girl with disabilities. Jesús Raventós and his wife traveled throughout Europe seeking treatment and methods to help their daughter and what they discovered they brought back to Spain and put to use, opening their own school in the hills surrounding Barcelona. This was the beginning of the story of Boscana, a pioneering special education school in Catalunya.